Sister Cities of Gedern wants to be contact and link between administration and citizens for all questions concerning the relationship between Gedern and Columbia.

Sister Cities of Gedern takes part in Gedern’s festivities and fairs such as:

  • Europe Day
  • "Gederner See" festival
  • Vacation games for kids

In addition to the annual conference Sister Cities of Gedern has regular meetings for all members, for example:

  • stammtisch/regulars’ table
    four times the year
  • brunch
    every october
  • excursions
    once or twice the year
  • trivia-night
    second saturday after ash wednesday

Sister Cities of Gedern has worked for the establishment of Columbia Plaza in Gedern. Columbia’s mayor Lester Schneider was present at its opening ceremony.

In 1993 Sister Cities of Gedern started a donation campaign to help flood victims. 1186.20 Euros were raised, additional private and corporate donations to individuals not included. People in Columbia received this support happily and gratefully.